Wet Pot Systems Self-Watering Pots

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This self-watering terracotta pot helps your plants to take care of themselves! With Wet Pot Systems, you can have your indoor plants in stylish design while getting a handy feature for free. Wet Pot radically simplifies the care-taking of your houseplants. With its simple and ingenious function, the system creates a natural and favorable growing environment.

A well-balanced moisture supply ensures that the plants are comfortable. The system is based on simple natural laws. Water supply is regulated by different co-operating factors. The technique is called Capillary Attraction.

Additional Details:

Glass exterior, terracotta interior
Available in two sizes:
X-Small: 3.7"h x 4.85"diam.
Small: 5.2"h x 6"diam.

Made with 100% natural ingredients and contains no chemicals
About the Designer:

Behind Wet Pot Systems is a small family business. It all began fifteen years ago when Lasse Svedenstedt met Nils Plöjel, who had worked most of his life with ceramics. His garage was full of prototypes, and together Lasse and Nils developed the idea of Wet Pot Systems. There were many unsuccessful trials before the current model was perfected. Lasse continued the Wet Pot Systems journey alone, firmly convinced that the need for Wet Pot Systems existed. Newly retired, he had time to continue to develop the idea, and after a career with IKEA he had a deep understanding of retail, production and logistics. Lasse looked for manufacturers around the world and over several years he managed to build up contacts with retailers. The first Wet Pot System, the self-watering pot was sold in 2010 and in the early days the yearly profit was just enough for a ticket to visit the factories, and to order new self-watering Wet Pots. Now Wet Pot Systems are sold all over the world, including at the renowned MoMA Design Store.