Vintage Baby


it's {possibly} overused but sometimes news comes in that is a seriously oh my gosh moment. news of a pregnancy, breakup, scandal [ok maybe you wouldn't send a card for that], a move across the world or maybe it's just darn fun to send.

one color ink [black] with fuchsia envelope [if you would prefer a different color just email me first] Blank inside

Printed on Crane's Lettra #110 paper. Super chunky and velvety to the touch
*If you purchase a second item it's only 10 cents shipping add on

about my press:
Stella is my 1200 lb Vandercook Press. She and I hang out in the garage together drinking cocktails, smoking cigarettes and telling stories about the good ol' days. Ok, not really, we just make some fun stuff. She's a sturdy girl and I love her for that

6.5" x 5.25"
blank inside