Spirit Eye Small Plate

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Be in the light. Sgraffito Half Moon Spirit Eye Porcelain Plates feature hand drawn celestial and geometric motifs using a technique called sgraffito, carving away the colored glaze to reveal the porcelain claybody underneath. Sun Spirit plates make an eye-catching accompaniment your dinnerware collection and as a decorative display or hanging.

Indigo food safe glaze, also dishwasher safe, although hand washing recommended.

Diameter 6.5-7"

Demetria Chappo’s Spirit Eyes are one-of-a-kind graphic motifs with spirited iconography of eyes, moons, stars, the cosmos and sacred geometry. Each piece is handmade in her studio in Brooklyn. Encompassing decorative art objects and functional homewares, Chappo’s Spirit Eyes are unique and eye-catching.
The collection began in 2013. The Sgraffito Spirit Eye and Sun Spirit collection features detailed hand-carved line work in a technique called sgraffito, carving away the colored glaze to reveal the porcelain clay underneath. The Painted Spirit Eye collection including hand-sculpted porcelain spoons, spoon rests, incense burners and earrings feature her with detailed brush work with graphic spirit eye motifs.
“I began incorporating eyes into my work after I started seeing them everywhere they were not -street detritus, peeling paint, knots in wood, the space between things. It felt tied to a sense of groundedness and good energy. I am drawn to how eyes have many deep meanings - protective, mystical, enlightening - throughout history and across cultures, eliciting a strong connection with the viewer.
I get lost in the process of making Spirit Eyes. Sculpting the clay by hand and carving my designs is meditative, calming, and brings good energy.”