Alpine Evergreen Ember Candle


A walk in the woods is sometimes all we need to be inspired, refreshed, and invigorated. The Alpine collection from Paddywax takes inspiration from the woods with a selection of fragrances will which transport you to the trails when you can't make it.
Top Notes: Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Fresh Ozone, Pine Needles.
Middle Notes: Suede, Silver Spruce, White Leather, Patchouli.
Base Notes: Smoked Cedar, Fir Embers, Spiced Balsam.
9.5 oz.
Enamel camp mug style vessel.
Hand-poured in Nashville, Tennessee.
Hand blended fragrances using natural essential oils and botanical extracts.
Lead-free cotton wicks.
Signature soy wax blend.
Long burning.
Re-purposing tip: When the last flicker of light has gone out recycle, reuse and rekindle the vessel. It is perfect for nurturing small plants or for storing everyday essentials and personal treasures.